Fully updated: The Free Orchestra 1

We are excited to release a major update to our popular free library. Introducing: The Free Orchestra 1 version 2.0, offering new sounds, clever features and a fresh design. Still 100% free. Update through Native Access.

What’s new in version 2.0?

New Sounds

  • Wretched Risers (from Symphobia 4: Pandora)
  • Organ Mystique (from our various church organ recordings)

New Features

  • Powered by a completely new engine
  • Fresh and spacious design
  • All-in-One instrument and browser
  • In-browser audio previews
  • New and inspiring Multis by ProjectSAM
  • 10 slot mixer to arrange and design your own Multis
  • Adaptive Sync for a selection of instruments
  • Shift and trim mapping of individual articulations
  • Customize articulation switching and dynamic control
  • On-screen tool tips

Improved Features

  • Smoother envelopes, filters and curves for all instruments
  • Better release trail response for slow sustains
  • Various mapping bug fixes

How to update?

Use the Native Access app to update The Free Orchestra from version 1.0 to 2.0.

Please note that The Free Orchestra version 2.0 requires Kontakt (Player) 6.5.3 or higher.

TFO instruments in existing projects will not get updated automatically. These instruments will have to be replaced manually for each track in order to use the new sounds and features. Old TFO instruments in existing projects will remain fully functional, even if you don’t replace them by the newer version.

New to The Free Orchestra?

If you are new to The Free Orchestra, log in to your ProjectSAM account, go to The Free Orchestra product page and click Get Now to claim your free serial number.

Launch or install the Native Access app, log in with your Native ID account (or create one), add your serial number and download The Free Orchestra as well as Kontakt Player from there.

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