Symphobia 4: Pandora F.A.Q.

The below FA.Q. currently applies to the full version of Pandora only. An F.A.Q. for Pandora Core will be available very soon.

Do you offer a loyalty discount for existing users?

– If you own Symphobia 1, 2 and/or 3, you get a €100/$100 discount on Symphobia 4: Pandora (full version).
– If you own Orchestral Essentials 1 and/or 2, you get a €50/$50 discount on Symphobia 4: Pandora (full version) .
– You also get this loyalty discount if you buy Symphobia 4: Pandora (full version) and any of the libraries above at the same time. The discount will then appear in your shopping basket.
– The total loyalty discount is €100/$100.

Which Kontakt version is required for S4Pandora?

S4Pandora requires Kontakt 6.2.1 or higher.

Which macOS version is required for S4Pandora?

S4Pandora requires macOS 10.12 or higher, for this is the requirement for Kontakt 6.1.

Does S4Pandora work in the free Kontakt Player?

Yes, S4Pandora comes with a Kontakt Player license and, therefore, can be used in both the full version of Kontakt as well as the free Kontakt Player without any demo limitations.

Can I download S4Pandora from Native Access?

Yes, you can. After registering your product serial number in Native Access using your Native Instruments login, you are able to download the S4Pandora (full version) from inside Native Access.

Is there a boxed version of S4Pandora?

There is no boxed version of S4Pandora. If downloading the library is not an option for you, please contact us for a custom solution.

How large is S4Pandora?

The uncompressed size of S4Pandora (full version) is 140 GB. Using Kontakt’s lossless compression, the library takes up 74 GB on disk.

What sample rate is S4Pandora?

48 kHz 24 bit.

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