Scoring Tutorials

Watch our Scoring Tutorials and see how we use ProjectSAM libraries in specific genres and styles. For a selection of tutorials, you can also download the original project files, so that you can load them up in your own DAW.

Creating a Late Night Show Theme

Level: advanced

Watch us create a fully sequenced late night show theme with both big band and orchestral elements track-by-track using ProjectSAM’s Swing!, Swing More!, Symphobia 1, Symphobia 2, True Strike 1 and Orchestral Brass Classic libraries. (more…)

Using Swing More!, Swing!, Symphobia 1, Symphobia 2, True Strike 1, Orchestral Brass Classic

Writing an Epic Sci-Fi Opening

Level: intermediate

How to write an epic science fiction opening score using various ProjectSAM sample libraries.

DAW used is Logic Pro X.

Using Symphobia 1, Symphobia 2, Symphobia 3: Lumina, True Strike 1, Concert Harp

A Christmas greeting from ProjectSAM

We wish all of you a Merry Christmas and an inspiring 2016!

Thanks so much for your continuing support! Arrangement by ProjectSAM. (more…)

Using Swing!, Orchestral Essentials 1, True Strike 1, True Strike 2, Symphobia 1, Symphobia 2, Symphobia 3: Lumina

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