Scoring Tutorials

Watch our Scoring Tutorials and see how we use ProjectSAM libraries in specific genres and styles. For a selection of tutorials, you can also download the original project files, so that you can load them up in your own DAW.

Creating a Heroic Tune

This video shows you how to create a heroic tune using both ProjectSAM Orchestral Essentials 1 & 2. The video uses sounds from both volumes and takes you through the composition and production process track by track.

Using Orchestral Essentials 1, Orchestral Essentials 2

Using the New OE 2 Small Strings

This video shows you how to use the Small Strings Ensemble that was added in the new 1.1 update of Orchestral Essentials 2. The video only uses instruments from ProjectSAM’s Orchestral Essentials 2 sample library.

Using Orchestral Essentials 2

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