Available now: True Strike 1 Update 2.1

True Strike 1 Update 2.1 is now available for all users from Native Access. Update 2.1 offers a number of new features and bug fixes compared to Update 2.0.


NEW: Keyswitching between mixer slots (automatically soloes selected slot)
NEW: Direct CC control of Mic Distance and Panning
NEW: Release trail dynamic control
NEW: Option to pin the library browser

FIXED: Ring/Damp switching using controller now works correctly
FIXED: Shift+click to multi-select sounds now works correctly
FIXED: Mic Distance and Panning automation IDs can now be controlled simultaneously
FIXED: Velocity gate in Mapping view is now functional
FIXED: CC7 is now routed to main Kontakt instrument volume by default
FIXED: Various tiny bugs


This update requires Kontakt (Player) 6.5.3. This also applies to existing DAW projects that already feature True Strike 1 instruments. After installing the True Strike 1 version 2.x update, these DAW projects will require Kontakt (Player) 6.5.3 to reload the True Strike 1 instruments successfully.

Available now: True Strike 1 Update 2.0

Experience the fully updated 2021 2.0 re-issue of True Strike. Get the classic and acclaimed orchestral percussion sound in a brand-new interface offering a ton of new features:

  • All-in-one browser
  • Positioning stage
  • Extensive articulation & mapping control
  • Adaptive Sync for crescendo rolls
  • New kits
  • NKS
  • And much more

Update 2.0 is 100% free for existing True Strike (1) users of the Kontakt Player Edition of the library. If you have an older version than the Kontakt Player Edition, an upgrade path is available.

To update please use the Native Instruments Native Access application.

True Strike version 2.1 requires Kontakt (Player) 6.5.3.

In-depth walkthrough covering the many new features (20 mins):

Short feature overview of what’s new (1 min):

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