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End User License Agreement (EULA)

The End User License Agreement below applies to all paid ProjectSAM libraries.

1. License grant

This paragraph applies to both full licenses and educational licenses of our paid libraries.
The license to use this product is granted to a single user only. All sounds and samples in this product are licensed, not sold, to you by ProjectSAM, for COMMERCIAL USE in music production, public performance, broadcast or similar use. ProjectSAM allows you to use any of the sounds and samples in commercial recordings without paying any additional license fees. One commercial license allows you to install and activate this product on a MAXIMUM OF 3 (THREE) computer systems or samplers, as long as you are the SOLE USER of these systems or samplers.

2. Resale

Except for a license transfer of the full product license to a different individual, as described in 6. LICENSE TRANSFER, the product license agreement expressly forbids resale or redistribution of the product, its sounds or their derivatives, through any means, including but not limited to: in mixed, filtered, combined, (re)synthesized or otherwise edited form through samples, loop packs, loop libraries, stems, multisamples, wavetables, soundsets, programs or patches in a sampler, game console or any other sample playback device.

3. Rights

ProjectSAM always keeps ownership and copyright of the digitally recorded sounds and programs included in this product.

4. Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of the user to make a proper backup of the product. ProjectSAM has no obligation to offer a re-shipment or re-download of the product. Using this product and any supplied software is at the licensee’s own risk. ProjectSAM holds no responsibility for any direct of indirect loss arising from the use of this product in whatever form.

5. Terms & termination

This license agreement is effective from either a) the moment you agree with the terms & conditions upon placing your order for the download version of a ProjectSAM library at the ProjectSAM website or b) the moment a ProjectSAM library box is opened and the plastic seal is broken. The license will remain in full effect until termination. The license is terminated if you break any of the terms or conditions of this agreement. Upon termination you agree to return to ProjectSAM all copies and contents of this product at your own cost. Upon first request of ProjectSAM you shall send all relevant documentation evidencing that you have done your utmost to prevent illegitimate making available to the public and duplication of the Serial and/or Product. For instance, if the product that you have installed has been stolen (or your computer containing our Sample Libraries), you shall have to file a police report and send ProjectSAM such evidence as soon as possible, this to protect you and ProjectSAM against any unauthorized copies that could be based upon your Serial or Product.

6. License transfer

ProjectSAM allows one license transfer per product license to a different individual. ProjectSAM requires information from both the original licensee and the new licensee, which needs to be provided using the license transfer PDF form. A license transfer fee applies.

7. Violation

ProjectSAM constantly monitors the use of its products and will prosecute all piracy and copyright violations to the fullest extent of the law. This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of The Netherlands, and only the courts of the city of Utrecht, The Netherlands, shall have (exclusive) jurisdiction over all disputes arising in connection with this agreement. The place of performance of this agreement shall be Utrecht, The Netherlands.
Please respect these terms and conditions so that we can use our time developing new sounds for you in the future!