Exciting updates ahead!

We know: we’ve been rather quiet. We just like to keep our communication product-related, since that’s what you originally signed up for. This means that it can sometimes take a little while before we’re able to share more.

So what’s coming?

True Strike 1 is getting a major, free update in the next few weeks, followed by Symphobia 1 shortly after. We won’t spoil all the details just yet, but you can look forward to a completely new engine and total UI redesign. Eye candy below!

Why free?

We want to show our appreciation for your support throughout the years. Some of you go back over 15 years! These updates have also aided the development of future libraries.

New recordings

And while we have your attention, a new website is in the works and many recordings are already being mixed and edited for products scheduled in 2022!

TL;DR: Stuff is happening! Free updates coming soon. Many new recordings on disk.

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