How to formulate a support ticket

We understand. You need support, but you also want to quickly continue working.

However, do consider that support tickets that just say...

  • "it doesn’t work please help!"
  • "can’t download what's up!"

... take up unnecessary time for both of us!

Ideally, we want to provide you with a complete solution in one, single response. This is often possible, but only if we know the basics, such as your system specs and the steps you've already taken.

So, if you run into an issue and need our help, do contact us, but please consider the following:

Please accurately formulate your system specs and circumstances!

If you "can't download", make sure to include in your message:

  • Are you on Mac or Windows?
  • What Operating System version?
  • Which browser?
  • Are you trying Native Access, the ProjectSAM Downloader or the direct browser link?
  • If there was an error message, what is the exact message (screenshot works best)?
  • Are you using a WiFi or LAN connection?
  • Does your disk have enough space available?
  • What steps did you already take?

If "it's not working", please specify accurately:

  • What exactly is not working? Installation? Sound? A specific function?
  • Are you on Mac or Windows?
  • What Operating System version?
  • What is your Kontakt version (click the Kontakt logo to find out)
  • In case of a Kontakt issue: does this happen in both the Kontakt plug-in as well as the standalone Kontakt application?
  • If relevant: which DAW/host/sequencer are you using?
  • In case of a sound-related issue: please include an mp3 recording!

This way, you can get back to writing music, while we can continue developing new sounds for you. Thank you!