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Lumina 2.0 update

ProjectSAM brings you this major update for Lumina, the fantastical third volume in the Symphobia series. The new 2.0 update of Lumina offers a modernized and flexible library experience, including an all-in-one instrument browser, extensive articulation selection and control, a new legato engine, improved filters and envelopes and Adaptive Sync. All in a spacious new design!

Update through the Native Access application.

2.1.0 - 2022-12-01

ADDED Features

- 3 additional Multis within the Fantasy genre (Faerie Gathering, Pollination, Tales that Really Matter)

BUG Fixes

- Fixed release trail issue with multi-dyn instruments
- Fixed release trail issue when releasing sustain pedal
- Fixed CC control with Adaptive Sync in manual mode
- Fixed velocity 100 in Tin Whistle
- Fixed Snapshot Dig Deeper
- Fixed Snapshot Bass Synth

2.0.0 - 2022-10-21

ADDED Features

- Powered by a completely new engine
- Fresh and spacious design
- All-in-One instrument and browser
- Browse by instrument genre, category or articulation
- In-browser audio previews
- 11 new inspiring Multis by ProjectSAM (previously called Stories)
- 10 slot mixer to arrange and design your own Multis
- Adaptive Sync for a selection of crescendos and effects
- Polyphonic legato mode for greater playing flexibility
- Real-time effects per mixer slot
- Shift and trim mapping of individual articulations
- Customize articulation switching and dynamic control
- Extensive global settings to further tweak your experience
- On-screen tool tips


- Smoother envelopes, filters and curves for all instruments
- Improved legato engine allowing for faster playing
- Cleaner attacks for various instruments
- New release trails for various instruments
- Better release trail response for slow sustains
- Various mapping bug fixes