Symphobia 4: Pandora News

Welcome to the Symphobia 4: Pandora News section!
Here we will collect all S4Pandora pre-release info, artwork, demo and videos leading up to the release of the fourth installment in the Symphobia Series. We’re excited!

11 Nov: Pandora now available!

Symphobia 4: Pandora is now available for purchase as a direct download through the ProjectSAM website or Native Access!

9 Nov: Feature Preview #4 – Combos

8 Nov: Preset List Online!

Ahead of Monday’s launch, check out the complete Preset List for Symphobia 4: Pandora. Download the PDF file below:

Symphobia 4: Pandora Preset List [PDF]

7 Nov: Feature Preview #3 – String Risers

5 Nov: Feature Preview #2 – Cluster Pulses

3 Nov: Feature Preview #1 – Adaptive Sync

30 Oct: Feature Highlight #3 – String Risers

29 Oct: Trailer Score Screenshot

The music score for the S4Pandora trailer is finished! A few more visual tweaks to do and then we’re ready to share… with audio!

28 Oct: Feature Highlight #2 – Cluster Pulses

24 Oct: Feature Highlight #1 – Adaptive Sync

22 Oct: New artwork up

We just placed some awesome S4Pandora artwork on our homepage! And look, there’s a pay-off in there too!

3 Oct: We have date!

We have a release date for you! S4Pandora will be unleashed unto the world on Monday, November 11th 2019!

Jul 11: First teaser demo is up!

Check back soon for more S4Pandora news!

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