Available now: Symphobia 1 Update 2.0

Experience the fully updated 2.0 version of Symphobia! Get the classic and proven Symphobia sound in a brand-new interface offering a ton of new features, including:

  • Completely new engine and spacious design
  • All-in-One instrument browser
  • Filter by instrument category and articulation
  • 10 slot mixer to arrange and design your own Multis
  • Adaptive Sync for crescendos and runs
  • Shift and trim mapping to your liking
  • All-new envelopes, filters and modulators
  • 13 new Multis

100% free for all existing Symphobia 1 users!

Join Maarten of ProjectSAM as he takes you through the fully updated design and features of Symphobia 1 version 2.0:


Download and install your 2.0 update from the Native Access application.

Symphobia 1 version 2.0 requires Kontakt (Player) 6.5.3.

After updating, existing projects featuring Symphobia 1 will still load the older version correctly, but will require Kontakt (Player) 6.5.3.

If you run into any problems updating Symphobia, please watch the following video with useful updating information as well as the dedicated F.A.Q. page.