The Free Orchestra F.A.Q.

What is The Free Orchestra?

The Free Orchestra offers a solid gigabyte of free, cinematic sounds taken directly from ProjectSAM’s acclaimed libraries, ranging from orchestral string staccatos and brass clusters to symphonic percussion and dystopian sound design. Throughout 2019, we released one free instrument each month.

In early 2020, we re-released The Free Orchestra, combining all instruments into one package and adding new instruments and Kontakt Player compatibility.

Where to get The Free Orchestra?

Visit The Free Orchestra product page and click the Get Now button.

Do I need a challenge code?

  • From ProjectSAM website:
    No. If you get The Free Orchestra from our website by clicking the Get Now button, the library will be automatically added and listed in your account.
    You do not have to use the registration form.
  • From elsewhere:
    If you got The Free Orchestra elsewhere, e.g. from one of our distributors, then you will have received a challenge code.
    This challenge code can be entered in the registration form in your account.

Do I need to activate The Free Orchestra?

The 2020 re-release of The Free Orchestra you need to activate using your serial number. You can find this serial number in your account, in the same spot as where you downloaded the library.

The older 2019 TFO sets do come with a serial number and do not have to activated. However, we highly recommend switching to the 2020 re-release. See below why.

I already have some TFO instruments. Should I get the 2020 re-release?

Yes! Not only will you get new presets, Multis and NKS support, you will also be able to add the library to Kontakt's library browser for easier navigation. You can safely keep using the old TFO instruments alongside.

I need help installing TFO. Where can I find detailed instructions?

Please check the installation instructions listed in your ProjectSAM account as well as the following instruction video covering every single step of the process:


  • A ProjectSAM account
  • A Native Instruments account
  • Native Instruments Native Access
  • Kontakt Player 6.2 (free install from Native Access)
  • An internet connection
  • The Free Orchestra serial number (from our website)
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