How to install The Free Orchestra

This article covers the installation of The Free Orchestra.

The Free Orchestra interface – Tutti Hits instrument

What is The Free Orchestra?

The Free Orchestra (TFO) is our free sounds series. Every last Thursday of the month we’re releasing a new, inspiring free instrument. We kicked off January 2019 with #1 – Tutti Hits: a free set of full orchestra, brass, col legno and percussion hits, taken from the legendary Symphobia recordings. Ready to be used in your very next action, ghost or horror score.

Where to get The Free Orchestra?

Visit The Free Orchestra product section for an overview of all TFO releases so far. To download a TFO release, simply put it in your shopping basket and follow the standard checkout procedure. No payment will be required! To download a TFO release, you need to create a ProjectSAM account.


In short:

  • Full version of Kontakt 5.6.8 or higher
  • No serial number
  • No need to activate in Native Access
  • Manually browse for the TFO .NKI file using Kontakt’s Files tab

In full:

The Free Orchestra is a free download and therefore does not come with a Kontakt Player license nor a product serial number. This means:

  • The full version of Kontakt is required to load the NKI instrument. You can also import the individual .wav samples into any sampler or DAW of choice.
  • You do not have to (and cannot) activate/register TFO in Native Access.
  • You cannot add TFO to the Libraries tab in Kontakt. Only Kontakt Player-licensed libraries will appear here. To load The Free Orchestra, browse for the NKI file manually using Kontakt’s Files tab, or drag-and-drop the .NKI file into Kontakt from the Finder/Explorer.

How to install

After you have downloaded your TFO instrument, all you have to do is unzip the .ZIP file. You can place it on any drive and in any folder of choice.

If you wish to use the provided TFO Kontakt instrument, so that you can use the custom-designed graphical user interface, load it by dragging the .NKI file into Kontakt. You can also use Kontakt’s Files tab to browse to the .NKI file.

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